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Is CBD Legal?

1. Is CBD Legal?


Watch this video to understand t the Cannabis Law explained

2. CBD is a Main Component of Cannabis – Cannabidiol (CBD) is a primary component of cannabis. It is one of more than several hunderd compounds unique to the plant and grouped under the umbrella term“cannabinoids”. CBD and THC are the most prominent cannabinoids found in cannabis, and therefore, have undergone the heaviest scientific study.

3. CBD Oil Won’t Get You High – CBD does not cause the feeling of being “high” that is often associated with cannabis. The high is caused by THC found predominantly in the cousin marijuana plant. Because of this, it is the perfect option for parents, workers, and anyone else who does not want to compromise their mental clarity. CBD offers non-toxic, virtually side-effect free, natural benefits for individuals who want to avoid or reduce the number of pharmaceuticals they are taking.

4. CBD Oil from Hemp is Legal – The 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law by President Trump on December 20, 2018. This bill legalizes industrial hemp that has a THC concentration of no more than 0.3% and removes CBD from schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act.

5. The Human Body Produces Cannabinoids, and CBD Oil Helps – Phytocannabinoids are cannabinoids derived from plants. Endocannabinoids are cannabinoids produced naturally in the human body. One example of an endocannabinoid is anandamide, or “the bliss molecule”. This molecule activates the CB1 receptor. Benefits to activating this receptor include: relieving depression,increasing myelin formation, lowering intestinal inflammation, decreasing intestinal permeability, lowering blood pressure, lowering anxiety. Anandamide has been shown to promote anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects, and increases neurogenesis. It also plays a role in memory and forgetting.

6. CBD Oil Effects Several Neurotransmitter Receptors – There are two types of cannabinoid receptors in humans: CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are present in the brain and spinal cord and in certain peripheral tissues, while CB2 receptors are found primarily in the immune system. These receptors are present in most, if not all, of our cells and are so basic to our fundamental biochemistry that they are also found in all mammalian species as well. They exist for a reason and are  tightly linked to our immune system, which is so critical to our ability to fight and resist disease. Some scientists think CBD may be, in addition to it’s binding with the CB1 receptors, the main non-psychoactive cannabinoid that binds the receptors in your immune system, thus possibly providing a variety of medicinal benefits.

7. CBD Oil May Help with Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD) – CECD is a condition where in individual has a lower amount of endogenous cannabinoids than is considered necessary to promote health and well-being. 

8. CBD Oil has Numerous Natural Benefits – Cannabidiol is one the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, and a lot of the research has found it to be a promising potential therapy for many illnesses that the medical community has previously thought to be untreatable.

9. CBD is but one part of the Entourage Effect – the Entourage Effect describes the phenomenon where over 400 compounds in cannabis work in concert to have a synergistic effect on the body. It is the sum of its parts that make cannabis so effective. For example, 100mg of isolated CBD may be substantially less effective at alleviating symptoms than 100mg of a whole-plant cannabis extract. While it may be cheaper and more cost effective to extract CBD from industrial hemp, users may ultimately experience fewer benefits due to the absence of clinically significant levels of terpenes and other compounds which occur in abundance in high- CBD cannabis. New World CBD prides itself in the fact that all of their products are FULL SPECTRUM.

10. DOSING – in general, dosing is a bit different from what we are used to. It is based on a number of different variables which include the extraction process, differing of sourced materials, variations from product to product, changes in the weather, soil and water during growth. All impact the biology of the sourced material. It can be difficult to control for every variable in this organic process. After an extensive analysis of hundreds of products, the average serving standard for CBD was determined to be 25 milligrams, two times per day. While many may want to start their dosing lower at around 10mg and slowly increase, that is fine. After 2 weeks, if there is no relief of symptoms, DOUBLE the previous dose. If there is still no relief, DOUBLE that dose. There are no studies on record that have indicated an overdose, although at the higher dosing it tends to be more sedating. New World CBD has specific dosing directions on the label, which will, if followed, yield 17 mg per full dropperful with the 500 mg bottle OR 34 mg with the 1000mg bottle. Dosing varies from person to person and is very individualized.


• FULLY VERTICAL – We only use our own products and manage carefully from the moment the first seed is planted to growth, harvest, processing and finally packaging

• QUALITY – We use a highly skilled  group of formulation experts to consistently deliver some of the highest quality CBD on the market

• BROAD SPECTRUM – Utilizing multiple cannabinoids from the entire plant

• FLAVOR PROFILE – Second to none, we only use a natural formulation utilizing mother earth’s terpenes derived from nature; absolutely NO ADDITIVES

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