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Non-prescription sleeping aids: What you need to know

Non-prescription sleeping aids: What you need to know

Sleeping problems are rampant. But what’s the best course of action? Let’s take a look at some surefire ways to deal with no sleep.

Lack of sleep has probably been a re-occurring problem for people throughout the ages. But it’s no secret that the situation has become somewhat of an epidemic in recent years. And it’s not hyperbole, it’s a frightening fact. Sleep loss is now one of the major factors behind everything from physical health problems to hormonal imbalances. But how do you guarantee yourself those needed hours of sleep? It’s often easier said than done.

Let’s take a look at some natural and non-prescription ways to help you fall asleep and get the most out of your sleeping hours.

Step 1: Have You Analyzed Yourself?

First of all. Have you tried the basics? Maintain your sleep schedule, avoid caffeine and alcohol, avoid sleeping in a warm room and turn off all screens before bedtime. Still no difference? You’re far from alone. In fact, a lot of people have made sure to maintain rigid bedtime rituals only to realize that it made no difference at all. If that’s the case for you, don’t succumb to desperation. There are options.

After having ruled out all the obvious obstacles to sleep, it’s time to take a look at some of the available over the counter sleeping aids. But remember – they’re not necessarily a quick fix. It might take some time for you to find the one that’s right for you. And it’s not uncommon for people to experience a settling-in period whereby the body slowly adjusts. That’s why patience is a must. Never try to force a good night’s sleep because it will most likely just worsen things.

Step 2: Consider the options

It’s no secret that there are more sleeping aids available than ever before. It’s actually one of the fastest growing markets. So, don’t be surprised if you’ll feel overwhelmed when considering all the options. To narrow the range, let’s look at some of the more effective and readily available alternatives. 

  • Melatonin has become a first line choice since it’s the body’s own sleep regulating hormone. Typically used to treat jet lag, it’s becoming increasingly popular as a quick fix for all sleeping problems. 
  • CBD products are popular among people experiencing trouble falling asleep and sleeping through the night. Self-reported data suggest that it’s equally or more effective when compared to more traditional alternatives.
  • Valarian root (valeriana officinalis) is a commonly used dietary supplement said to improve sleep. It has been suggested that it has an effect on serotonin, which in turn is major regulator of the sleep-wake cycle.
  • Antihistamines are often associated with the treatment of allergies but are often equally effective when it comes to promoting sleep. But remember that it’s seldom recommended using them for prolonged periods of times.

These are far from all the available alternatives. But they are definitely some of the more popular and well recommended.

Step 3: Plan your course of action

It’s never a good idea to simply jump into things. Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the most common aids. What’s your course of action?

  • If you’re on medication or worried about possible side effects, don’t hesitate to discuss it with your doctor. Doctors usually have the experience and know how needed to help you get on the right path.
  • Never minimize side effects. If you’re experiencing nausea, gastrointestinal distress, headaches or other general symptoms, consider switching aid or lowering your dosage.
  • Don’t stress or become too focused on results. Regaining proper sleep patterns requires time and dedication, and there’s no way around it. By trying to hurry things up, you risk ruining whatever progress you might have achieved.

Is this a guarantee for better sleep? Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing beforehand. But by combining changing in your lifestyle with effective over the counter options, you’ll be well on your way towards a night of really great sleep. Find out more about Hemp CBD Oil and Cannabinoids

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