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About Us

New World CBD licensed in Oregon is in partnership with BMI Industries, who owns and operates a 6,000 sq ft Hemp CBD oil processing facility in Salem, OR. The facility has the capacity to process several hundred pounds per day of hemp flower into oil, yielding over 100,000 grams of CBD Hemp oil per month.

We grow all of our hemp at our partners farm in Dundee, Oregon and we process all of our CBD at our state of the art facility in Salem. New World is grown using organic principles and all of our products are tested by a third party!

New World CBD has full control of all aspects of the processing sequence… resulting in a 100% “seed to you” process!

Farm Fresh

All of New World CBD's products come from one source, one farm, and harvested by our own group of professionals for the consistency you have come to expect with New World CBD. 

Quality First

New World CBD puts the utmost importance in creating a safe, sustainable supply chain for all of our products. We place the highest importance on continuing our tradition of quality and consistency.


At New World CBD, we are committed to redefining your well-being by offering premium CBD products that play a pivotal role in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. Guided by our mission to empower individuals on their wellness journey, we recognize the importance of addressing specific health concerns, particularly those related to blood glucose management.
Understanding the impact of sugar on overall health, we offer a diverse range of sugar-free CBD products. New World CBD recognizes the significance of minimizing sugar intake, especially for those mindful of their blood glucose levels. Our sugar-free offerings are crafted with precision, maintaining the integrity of our products without compromising on taste or quality.
As advocates for holistic well-being, we commit to educating and empowering our customers. Through resources, insights, and community engagement, we aim to facilitate a deeper understanding of how CBD can be seamlessly integrated into daily routines to support overall health, with a specific focus on blood glucose management.
At New World CBD, our vision extends beyond merely providing products; we aspire to be a partner in your health journey. Join us as we endeavor to create a new world of wellness, where maintaining healthy blood glucose levels is an achievable and empowering aspect of a balanced and vibrant life.