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PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - CBD is becoming increasingly popular, especially among pets. It is one of the chemicals that is found in the cannabis plant.

“There is no THC (the part that makes them high) or there is less than 0.3%, which means they are not going to get high from it,” said veterinarian Dr. Mike Hutchinson, during an interview with KDKA Radio on Thursday.

It can be very beneficial to dogs who are anxious or dealing with discomfort.

“It does help calm, it’s good for anxiety, it’s good for seizures, and it’s good for pain from osteoarthritis,” Dr. Mike explains.

However, veterinarians are unable to prescribe it because the DEA has it classified as a schedule I narcotic.

“The experience from my clients is 50/50,” Dr. Mike adds.  

 “If you’re going to try it, follow the directions on the bottle. If it doesn’t work, you’ll stop - but I would always start off slow.”

The FDA will hold a CBD hearing on Friday as they look to regulate the product.

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