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Self medicate with CBD for relieving stress, menstrual cramps and aid sleep

CBD helps with sleep. Gummies are one way to self-medicate.

It’s known by the medical world that cannabis in all its forms can ail a spectrum of health problems and in some cases even help some disappear forever. When we talk about cannabis it’s as wide as a shelf of vitamin supplements at Trader Joes. 

Cannabis otherwise known as marijuana or medical marijuana is a complicated plant that may have co-evolved with us humans. Those who have started the journey into cannabis for pain relief, as an anti-PTSD drug and for helping sleep, menstrual cramps and even menopause, find that there are two main compounds in the cannabis plant — CBD and THC. 

THC is the chemical that offers therapeutic benefits but it also comes with a “high” which can cause or increase anxiety in some and which may interfere with work and interacting with everyday human beings. 

CBD on the other hand is becoming a relatively popular food supplement, where companies like Coca Cola even are exploring novel ways to add CBD to its line of beverages. Before I let companies like PepsiCo mess with my CBD, I’d be more inclined to go to a smaller producer. Like vitamin companies that produce gummy candies for delivering a multi-vitamin does, you can find an endless variety of companies producing CBD gummies for sleep. But some taste disgusting. For the best tasting CBD gummies try this source. 

CBD for stress relief

If you look for CBD Oil on the internet you will see they are easy to find and because they lack the psychoactive THC component they are not problematic for flights, crossing state borders etc. However, when we interviewed cannabis specialized Alan Shackelford he suggests that some small amount of THC is also needed to get the therapeutic effect of cannabidiol, or CBD. So dose according to your own discretion –– which is one of the biggest questions out there today. How and which products? 

If you are going straight to CBD you will find all sorts of candy. If you are vegan or diabetic look for vegan gelatin and sugar free options as well. You can find them all over the United States, Canada and now Europe and look for the all-natural CBD ones that contain no THC. 

CBD gummies are non psychoactive and contain other beneficial cannabis compounds such as terpenes, which help boost the effects of the CBD oil itself. Some products even contain vitamins such as D3 and B12.

It’s important to remember that CBD gummies don’t look different from regular candy, so still make sure you keep them far out of reach of children and also other adults you might share your home with. I once by accident self-medicated by eating THC brownies and was high for 12 hours in a situation that I had to work, interact with my parents and babysit my kids. It was not fun or expected. So take this caution seriously even if CBD doesn’t get you high it’s a medical supplement that should be taken with care. 

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