New World CBD GoPacks - a fantastic innovation in CBD oil delivery

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New World CBD GoPacks - a fantastic innovation in CBD oil delivery

All New World CBD products use CBD oil harvested straight from the family farm meaning that unlike many competitors, the New World CBD products are fully traceable and consistent in quality and strength.

And over the company’s journey, New World has kept everything in house from the planting of the hemp seeds, right through to design, packaging and distribution of their many CBD oil products.

That is until now.

New World CBD has now partnered with Lexaria Bioscience to help with the creation of their new product the CBD GoPacks. For this fiercely independent company, this was a big step but sometimes it is important to innovate in the best possible way. And sometimes this means working with other leading professionals in the same field.

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New World CBD GoPacks visit streets of New York City

First up, what are New World CBD GoPacks?

CBD GoPacks are sachets containing 25mg of highly bioavailable CBD in dissolvable powered form, making it easy to carry with you, wherever you may be. To use the Go Pack is easy. You just rip the sachet and add to any beverage or water and it will enter the blood stream in as little as 15 minutes. The result is practically instant pain relief as well as the other great effects of CBD oil such as reduced stress and improved feelings of wellbeing.

So why did New World CBD partner with Lexaria Bioscience?

Lexaria Bioscience is an ethical company with a strong background in innovation within the CBD world. The company has created Dehydra TECH a safe drug technology delivery system that by passes the liver and enters the blood stream practically immediately. Lexaria Bioscience is passionate about improving the way that pharmaceuticals enter the body and has been working with many major companies throughout the world.

Lexaria Bioscience has an industry reputation that is second to none when it comes to safety and research and Dehydra TECH is licensed to many global companies including smokeless nicotine based products and more.

New World CBD GoPacks fit easily in pants pocket

What does the partnership between New World CBD and Lexaria Bioscience mean for the future?

For New World CBD, this new innovation in CBD oil delivery means that the Go Pack will deliver a great experience for their many customers. New World CBD is passionate about the authenticity of their CBD oil products and their traditional production methods and this will not change in the future.

However getting on board with such a fantastic company as Lexaria is certainly a feather in their cap and as this is already leading to enhanced customer satisfaction with the GoPacks, it is a great partnership which is already proving popular.

More about New World CBD business startup

New World CBD is rightly proud of the quality and efficacy of all the company’s CBD products. This family run farm and manufacturing facility based in Oregon has created a unique medicinal hemp (CBD) business that is going from strength to strength and gathering a loyal customer base along the way.

It is easy to see why. The company manufactures a wide range of CBD products in Salem, Oregon and although this is a fairly new industry, New World CBD works to strict traditional American core principles of quality products, produced in a traditional way. The products are proving popular with customers because they are simply so superior to the competition operating in this crowded market.

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