How does CBD oil help you sleep better? - TNT Magazine – New World CBD

How does CBD oil help you sleep better? - TNT Magazine

Little-known until now, CBD has been the flagship and fashionable product in recent years, and has even taken pride of place in the closets of its famous and unknown followers. This hemp molecule can be found everywhere: in body creams, in make-up, in teas, candies, wax, e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, dishes to taste, or in olive oil. CBD, as well as in a multitude of other forms still, the market being in full expansion.

With some of the best CBD companies being based and operating in United States, such as, we can now order through the best shop online of legal CBD buds, and have access to natural, high-quality products, delivered anywhere in the UK.

What is CBD?

CBD, short for the term cannabidiol, is a molecule that is part of the family of cannabinoids, the active substances from the hemp plant, or cannabis. Radically different from THC, which has psychoactive, psychotropic and "high" effects, CBD will have the opposite effect by allowing relaxation and relief.

Fashion phenomenon or real benefits?

Does CBD have any benefits to calm your pain, reduce your stress and eliminate your insomnia?  

We decided to take a look at the effects it could have on sleep. Indeed, sleep disturbances are often due to other factors such as pain or anxiety, and if CBD oil acts on these elements, then it should be easier to fall asleep, and sleep should be less disturbed.

CBD oil and health benefits

CBD oil and therapeutic cannabis are used for its anxiolytic effects allowing general well-being legally! CBD would have effects considered beneficial on chronic, muscular and neuropathic pain, provided that you get high-quality products.

CBD oil would be particularly useful to treat:

  • Multiple sclerosis,
  • Acne,
  • Cardiovascular disease,
  • Nausea,
  • Inflammations,
  • Epilepsy and anxiety attacks,
  • Fibromyalgia,
  • Diabetes…

Insomnia and sleep disorders

In the United States, almost 50 to 70 million adults suffer from sleep disorders. In the UK, three out of four adults say they wake up at least once a night, for an average of 30 minutes. Finally, almost 35% of British people have insomnia.

But whether temporary or chronic, sleep problems can affect your quality of life. CBD oil remains a significant alternative and remedy to treat such disorders.

CBD oil to treat the causes of insomnia

Stress and fatigue can cause difficulty falling asleep or poor-quality sleep. Lack of sleep can then generate a feeling of irritability, reduced efficiency and productivity, depression or more or less significant anxiety disorders.

Fortunately, CBD, one of the main active elements of cannabis, participates in the treatment of sleep disorders by acting directly on these causes of insomnia.

Several studies demonstrated that CBD oil has soothing properties. By relaxing the muscles and reducing stress, anxiety and other mental disorders, it helps to return to calm. As a result, the body is more willing to rest and sleep patterns are improved. It is then possible to enjoy a restful sleep thanks to cannabidiol.

Besides, insomnia is often associated with health problems. By relieving chronic pain, CBD oil restores the sleep cycle and decreases the sensation of pain, and the effects of CBD oil on pain lead to better sleep.

CBD oil to fight against sleep disorders

A change in lifestyle, temporary illness or momentary tiredness can lead to transient insomnia, which can last for a few days or even weeks. Chronic insomnia, on the other hand, is a sleep problem that can go on indefinitely. Between restless nights, night awakenings and difficulty falling asleep, sleep problems can have real consequences on health and quality of life in general, whether short or long.

The use of more or less powerful sleeping pills is not, however, the best option for returning to sleep, given their addictive effects, in addition to the risks that they can cause on health.

To combat sleep disorders, it is better to tackle their origins with more natural methods. By bringing an internal balance, CBD oil notably improves lifestyle and creates an environment more conducive to serenity and calm.

It then becomes possible to find quality sleep. By eliminating the REM sleep, which causes insomnia, CBD oil acts favourably on the phase of slow sleep.

Is CBD oil legal?

You ask yourself the question, and that's normal! Until now, we have always been presented with cannabis as an illegal plant to consume. And CBD is one of them! So, what does the regulation say about CBD oil?

Unlike THC, which is illegal, "CBD is legal in Europe if the THC level does not exceed 0.2%.

Only buy the best CBD products 

To do so, you should only use the best and most reliable suppliers. Choose CBD cannabis grown and with quality-controls done by United States companies.

Check the CBD from It is one of the best online stores which offers quality products made in Oregon and 100% organic!

Once you choose CBD oil, you can then use it as a dietary supplement with quick effects when consumed by mixing a few drops with our food or by applying it directly under the tongue for a more immediate effect.

However, a few precautions, CBD oil can interact with medications, we advise you to check with your doctor. It should be noted that everyone can react differently to CBD oil and that cases of insomnia have been pointed out by some users.

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