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CBD advocates believe hemp oil could help anxious pets during July 4th fireworks season

The season of fireworks isn’t a celebration for everyone. Some animal owners complain the noise drives their critters crazy.

But the CBD community, advocates of using the controversial hemp oil for its medical benefits, believe they’ve found the answer.

The nightly noises have already begun. Veterinarians said the noises from summer fireworks and celebrations related to Independence Day can be horrifying for our pets, especially animals who already have anxiety issues.

Kansas City’s Brookside Barkery is among the retailers offering CBD for animals.

Store manager Alex Strawder said during the summer of 2018, her store nearly sold out of hemp oil products marketed for animals.

Strawder is also among the millions of dog owners who said their pets get upset when the seasonal snaps, crackles and pops begin. She said that’s why she gives her five dogs a taste of CBD-infused treats each day to help with continued anxiety.

“You’ll see panting. You’ll see drooling. You’ll see pacing,” Strawder said, detailing the trouble many dogs experience. “She was perfectly fine (afterward). She didn’t bark. There was no panting. There’s no drooling. She just her normal self because the CBD helped ease that anxiety.

Brookside Barkery is one of several stores in the Kansas City metro that stock CBD products geared toward animals.

Strawder said in the weeks leading up to Independence Day 2018, animal owners called her store long after she’d sold out of most highly-sought items.

She said the CBD formula made for animals is slightly different than the one made with human users in mind.

However, members of the veterinary community have their concerns.

Dr. Libby Robertson, who operates Martin City Animal Hospital, cited veterinary studies that report elevated liver enzymes in dogs who’ve been given CBD products. She also said patients at her practice who had used CBD showed no lowered levels of anxiety.

“We want something to help our animal or help ourself. It does seem to help. That’s why more studies are needed,” Robertson said. “The studies so far haven’t been very supportive of CBD. I think we need to study this compound. Hopefully, it has some great safe uses down the road.”

Strawder said she doesn`t know of any negative side effects. She said she imagines the shop will sell out again soon since July Fourth is just around the corner.

Veteriarians warn against mixing CBD with any prescription medications your pets might be using since that mix can have adverse effects.

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