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5 Photos From My Backyard | Erik Douds: Professional Cyclist & Adventure Filmmaker

If you are like me, you have drawn a smaller circle to explore closer to home. What I do for a living is travel the world by bicycle and take photos of these adventures. The pandemic has been quite the change of pace.

If we haven't met, my name is Erik Douds (check me out on YouTube) and I met Justin from New World CBD while biking 4,200 miles across the country. Let's leave that story for another time.

Yes, COVID has slowed down things. Despite the challenges, here are 5 photos from my recent hike and bike to inspire you to explore what is around us.

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5 Photographs by Adventure Filmmaker Erik Douds

1. Meet my touring bike Dark Roast. Typically, I carry about 60 pounds of gear on self-supported trips. The front handlebar bag is by Arkel, I use a 4L Ortlieb frame bag to carry a spare jacket, and the giant noodle is for bike safety (read this viral article).

2. Did I say keep a spare jacket in my frame bag? Of course, what I meant to say is that a travel tripod fits inside the 4L Ortlieb top tube bag.

3. Follow trail blazes in town. You may have seen rectangle paint patches on trees. These marks are known as "blazes" and offer guidance to follow hiking trails. This particular blaze is for the Lenape Trail here in South Orange, NJ.

4. Carry New World CBD honey sticks on you. Buy a pack of 10 and put them in your hiking backpack (purchase a pack of CBD honey sticks for yourself or a friend).

5. Find the beauty in all seasons. Find new meaning to familiar places by exploring the same area when covered in snow. One of my favorite reasons for hiking and biking all year to appreciate the differences of everyday life.

We are looking for nature photos from you. Any time of the year add the hashtag #newworldcbd and tag us @newworldcbd for a chance to be featured.

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